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Mary - Purchased CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter

September 12th 2015

5 star rating

This balance scooter is so much fun to use. I got this from goscooter.co.uk, The board is extremely well made and surprisingly robust- coping well with the minor incidents which occur when learning something new. However the paintwork did scuff easily. It does take time to get used to the balance board as you would expect and I would suggest initially using with a friend who can offer a hand to hold as you learn to balance and move the board. The balance board performs best on very smooth, flat surfaces. The scooter is surprisingly heavy but shouldnt be too much of an effor to carry aslong as you have some muscles!

I got used to fairly quickly, simply tilt your body in the direction you wish to go, for example forward, backwards or to turn. This is also how you control the speed of the board. The board is very sensitive so you need to watch them movements as move too moch and you will go in that direction pretty quickly which may shock you.

The scooter needs to be a charged and you will know this as you will get an audible it beep and a light will  flash red. Charging from flat to full power takes around 3-4 hours using the supplied power adapter.

Loving the LED lights which are Blue and bright which really make the scooter something to see.

Overall the is so much fun and everyone who has tried it seems to want another go. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.

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Dan - Purchased RioRand Scooter

September 17th 2015

5 star rating

I purchased the Riorand scooter as it was the only one I could really afford, I was abit worried that when I got it I would be disapoointed with the quality and battery life but I have been hugley suprised by the quality of the scooter it is really good and I think what I have is well worth the price but to be honest I have not seen the more expensive scooters so do not have them to compare with.

Straight out of the box it was really easy to get going, and after about 60 minutes of charging i was ready to give it ago.

It is fun it is a lot of fun, If you have ever tried out a segway then you are going to love these scooters.

Purchased through this website and everything went very smoothly, my order arrived after 3 days.

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Terry - Purchased Jazz Free Go W1 in White

August 11th 2015

5 star rating

My 15 year old son saw Justin Beiber riding one of these in America and he knew his birthday was coming up so kept giving me ear ache about having one, I checked them out online but they was expensive and could only find them on websites in America then after much search i came across this website.

My boy said he wanted the Jazza one which was £1299 at the time then the following day it was reduced by over half so I thought I better get in quick, I told my boy this is your birthday and christmas present.

Anyway we got it, and it arrived the next day, His birthday was the following week so I made him wait a week until he could have it which was very satisfying., To say he is happy with it is an under statement, he has not been off it since he got the thing out of its box,his mates also really like it and want one, anyway aslong as it keeps him out of trouble thats good for me and his mum.

The scooters are expensive and quite hard to find but They seem to be worth it.

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David - Purchased Domire Scooter with LED Lights

October 21st 2015

5 star rating

We was on the look out for one of these as a Christmas present for our boy, we tried Toys R Us and they didnt have any, we were told John Lewis had some so we went there, the ones they had were very expensive £500 plus and there was no way we was going to be spending that much. Anyway I was looking on youtube for some ideas of what to get and cam across this sites channel and I was pleased to see that they sold some much more reasonable priced scooters, we settled on a black Domire for which we paid about £210 and it arrived today.

Looks really good, nicely packaged and switches on ok, not going to try it incase i fall off, but overall very pleased with my experience with buying from GoScooter. Thank you

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